Japanese NOH Ghost Mask

Japanese NOH Ghost Mask
Japanese NOH Ghost Mask

NOH Ghost Mask Deluxe Scary Halloween Prajna Cosplay Helmet

Japanese NOH Ghost Mask, one of a kind and very scary kind of mask. When you put this mask on you undoubtedly will sneak around and scare the hell of of your friends and family. When answering the door for trick or treaters it will cause them to take a step back in amazement because of the pure evil sight of this mask.

This mask, worn to all kinds of events and not just for Halloween. The Ghost mask, made from high-grade resin and is non-toxic to humans and the environment. This Mask is incredibly comfortable when you put it on. The weight is about 500 grams and one size fits all with a lot of room in it for adults/children’s heads.

Multiple uses for the Ghost Mask

The Ghost Mask is excellent for many kinds of purposes and not just for a halloween mask. The weight of this mask is about one pound and it’s size is 9.3×12.2 inch (23.5×31 cm).

This Ghost Mask is an excellent item for displaying Japanese culture in and around your home. This mask also used as a business gift or craft decoration. This is also a great addition to any mask collection and an excellent mask to wear to any masquerade Party or halloween ball.

The History of the Japanese Ghost Mask

NOH or Nogaku taken from the Sino-Japanese word for skill or talent. Since the 14th century NOH used in a major form of classical Japanese musical drama. Often based on stories from traditional literature with a supernatural being who then transformed into a human form and narrates the story.

NOH integrates costumes,various props and masks in a performance based around dance. These performances require highly trained musicians and actors who use conventional stylized gestures to convey emotions and masks to represent roles such as , children, women, old people and ghosts.

Evil Japanese ghost mask
Evil Japanese ghost mask

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