BEST Bed for Dogs with Hip Problems

Dogs with Hip Problems the best sleeping options to make their life comfortable.

Is your dog suffering from hip problems? Time to change their bed! 

Best Bed For Dogs with Hip Problems is a quality memory foam mattress and if you have used one before, then you understand how different it is from the innerspring. Besides giving your dog comfort as they rest, the mattress conforms to the dog’s body. Thus, it helps to align the spine, neck, and pelvis, helping to alleviate pressure from these areas. 

 What difference stands out with other mattresses? Well, when you use other mattresses, your dog’s hips get minimal support. The bed collapses as your dog lies on it.
Your dog will be pressing directly into the ground below. As a result, the hip problem and discomfort escalates. Orthopedic dog beds should hence be a must-have for dogs with hip problems such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. Besides, any active dog would benefit from that extra support when relaxing. 

The Right Size bed is important.

You must buy a bed size that is suitable for your dog. Would you be comfortable sleeping in your child’s bed for a couple of nights? Well, your extra-large dog will also not be happy if you get him a small bed, especially if you are dealing with a dog with a bad hip. You will be doing more harm than good to your dog. That extra room for stretching is essential for healthy joints. The beds come in generic sizes ranging from extra-large, large, and small. You thus need to pay attention when buying your dog a bed. 

Hip Dysplasia Problems and making your dog comfortable at night.

1. Big Barker 7 (Headrest Edition) Orthopedic Dog Bed 

Unfortunately, hip dysplasia is quite common. However, its prevalence doesn’t justify the real discomfort and pain your best buddy goes through. If you bought his cheap bed at a local store when they came home as a puppy, then it’s time for a change.
The foam dog beds below will be a great plus to the quality life of your dog. 

It is the Bugatti in the dog bed world. The foam bed is suitable for large and extra-large dogs. It has three layers and two different types of foam. The topmost layer focuses on providing comfort to your dog while the middle contains high-density foam, which provides support. Thus, the company guarantees you that the bed will maintain at least 90% of its shape for more than ten years. Therefore, they offer a ten years warranty which will earn you a new bed in case it flattens. 

It contains open foam, which ensures it remains cool as your dog lies on it. Also, the microfiber cover is soft, thus adding to the comfort the bed provides. Besides, it is easily removable and machine washable. Thus, guaranteeing its resistance to any light scratching and biting of your dog. The top layer has a head bolster which adds on the comfort your dog gets. Its unique design allows it to play varied functions such as a sleeping pouch and a crate for a comfortable trip with your dog. 


  • It has three layers guaranteeing a great mix of cushion and comfort. 
  •  Removable and machine washable cover. 
  • It has an elegant design. 


  • High customer reviews of 4.8 out of 5 stars.  
  • Ten-year warranty. 
  • Large and spacious.  
  • It has a pillow top that offers support to your dog’s neck.  
  • It contains open-cell foam, which is known for releasing heat; thus remains cool; however long your dog lies on it. 


  • It is expensive. However, the high price is a reflection of the quality bed you will be receiving. They do not have a mattress for small dogs. 

2. Friends Forever Orthopedic

Are you in search of an orthopedic bed suitable for your small- size dog? Look no further. Friends forever provide a small cozy bed for your best buddy so that they won’t get lost in a larger mattress. The overstuffed Bolsters are great and provide comfortable support for dogs with hips problems. 

It is made up of human-grade foam, which adds on to comfort. We love that it is chew-proof you can thus stay worry-free if your dog likes chewing items. The microfiber cover is soft, provides a comfortable surface. It is also removable, and you can wash it in a washing machine. Besides, friends forever provide beds for all sized dogs from small to large breeds. 


  • It features a removable cover which you can wash in a machine. 
  • It is an orthopedic bed that is suitable for small dogs. 
  • The synthetic fur for extra comfort. 


  • It is comfortable 
  • You can remove the cover and throw it into your washing machine 
  • The fur keeps the dog warm during the cold winter 
  • It is hypoallergic 
  • It features bolsters which offer great support to the head and neck. 


  • The bed is suitable for small-sized dogs only 

3. Pet fusion Orthopedic Dog

Are you seeking an affordable but comfortable dog bed? There are numerous excellent budget orthopedic, but pet fusion is the best place to get a mixture of low budget and high quality mattresses. The foam mattress provides cushion and prevents unparalleled discomforts during rest. Besides, the bolsters offer cushion for your dog’s neck and hips. It is suitable for both small-sized and medium dogs. 


  • It is affordable 
  • It has a Bolster that offers support to the neck and hips. 
  • The company offers a year warranty. 
  • You can comfortably remove the cover. 
  • It is also safe to wash in a washing machine. 
  • The inner liner of cover is waterproof 
  •  It contains high-density foam 


  • It is not suitable for extra-large dogs. 

4. K9 Ballistics Round Orthopedic TUFF Bed 

K9 ballistic leads in the provision of the best dog beds in the market. The Tuff orthopedic bed is just one of the impressive products they produce. The bed features a unique design that gives allowance for you to customize in several ways. 

The beds come in varied sizes; hence, you will find one to suit your dog breed. The largest mattress they offer is 54″. It contains memory foam, which is about 5″ thick. It features two types of foams that will provide the best comfort to the hips, spine, and neck of your dog. Thus, it can support and cushion your dog regardless of its weight.  

The cover comes with a zipper which enables you can easily unzip and remove during wash time. It is machine washable and durable. Your dog will not easily tear the cover with scratching and chewing. Besides, the beds come in a wide variety of colors. Rather than having all mattresses being single colors, K9 Ballistic offers patterned beds too. 

 You are probably guilty of stressing on matching up items in your house. It is particularly frustrating finding a bed with a suitable color. Well, K9 Ballistic provides a wide range of colors that will perfectly blend in your home. The bed is also highly durable as it has a uniquely designed and made of high quality foam. The mattress will thus last longer while keeping your dog happy. 

 It has a round design that provides a large room for the dog to move and stretch. Your dog gets to choose the best position they feel supported most. A dog with a bad hip will thus greatly benefit from this memory foam bed. 


  • Great comfort and cushion as your dog rests.  
  • Very good value for your money.  
  • It features a variety of sizes.  
  • It features a removable and machine washable cover. 


  • It does not feature bolsters 

5. Big Barker Mini Dog Bed  

Does your dog need a pillow when sleeping? Then they will significantly enjoy the Big Barker. The bed features an in-built pillow for resting their neck. Big barker is suitable for medium-size and small dogs. 

 The bed has a simple physical look and comes in a few colors, which is sure to match up with your house’s décor. The company made the bed, including all critical quality, which aims at meeting both the dog’s needs and yours. The design is quite simple but attractive. Besides, it comes in khaki and chocolate colors. The earth tones will match up to any house décor. 

 Moreover, its rectangular shape will fit virtually anywhere around your home. Your dog will enjoy quality rest from being a puppy to adulthood. 

 The bed guarantees the ability to last long. The barkers promise that the mattress will retain 90% of its shape for up to ten years. You will thus get a ten-year warranty; therefore, it protects your investment, and you get assured of receiving a quality product. Since the bed guarantees to serve your dog throughout their lifetime, then probably this is the last bed you will buy your dog. 

 The cover is removable and is machine-washable. You can easily remove the cover and throw it in the machine. The cover has a suede feel, which will guarantee extra comfort to your dog. Besides, it is microfiber, and you can get to wipe off all hair from the surface. The memory foam provides support and cushion to the hips, neck, and spine of your dog. Thus, it will help relieve your little one from joint pain and hip problems. 


  • It offers a headrest  
  • It has an attractive design  
  • The thick memory foam guarantees quality rest and cushion for your dog 


  • It comes in only small and medium sizes. 

6. High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Sofa Dog Bed 

Between the high levels of customization, the bed provides, and its high quality, the mattress has a lot to recommend. Are you looking to get a return for your investment? Well, stick on and read about the features you will get from this mattress, and then you can decide. KOPEKS made the mattress with hip dysplasia and other hip problems in mind. It features a 6 inch of memory foam that will provide a secure resting place for your dog. Thus, it will cushion and give it comfort.  

The bed has three layers that contain two different types of memory foam. The top layer focuses on providing your best buddy with comfort, while the middle part contains high-density foam. Thus the middle section provides support and prevents the bed from sagging down to the ground with your dog’s weight. The company offers a ten-year warranty, thus guaranteeing you a quality product. 

 The bed is suitable for large and extra-large dog size. Thus, you will get your friend a tailor-made mattress, however big they seem. Well, you already know the comfort that memory foam bed provides as you rest. Your dog will get to enjoy the same benefit with this mattress. The mattress will get your bad hipped dog back to being alive and active. 

 You can comfortably get to remove the cover during wash time and wash it in a washing machine. The bottom part of the cover is non-skid; thus, your dog will never fall as they come of the resting place. Also, the inner lining of the cover features a waterproof lining. You will have a guarantee that your dog’s accidents will not pass through and damage the foam. 

 The bed has a faux-fur that contains polystyrene fibers. Thus, it will be comfortable as it is soft to your dog’s skin. At the same time, it is resistant to light biting and scratching. Therefore, it will last for a long time. Besides, the bed features bolster, which are also 100% memory foam. Thus, it offers support to your dog’s hips, neck, and shoulders. 


  • Durable 
  • It is thick and made of quality foam 
  • Many 5 star rating from purchasers
  • Non-skid bottom which will prevent your dog from falling as he comes off the bed 
  • It contains two types of memory form for comfort. 
  • It features bolsters for the neck, hips, and spine support. 
  •   The cover has an inner waterproof liner, which prevents your dog’s accident from sipping through to the foam. 
  •  It comes with a ten-year warranty. 


  • The only customer complaint is that the inner waterproof layer tends to make an annoying sound whenever the dog shifts.


These were our best picks for the Best Bed For Dogs With Hip Problems or arthritis, be sure to choose the right bed for the size of your dog and we hope your dog improves its life from our Best Dog bed tips.